Sunday, October 11, 2009

From Bruce Chodosh & Ramona Tepper

Willie’s Birthday Poem from Bruce and Ramona

there was a young man named Willie.
who loved to play ball and be silly
but then he met Tanya, a sweet young lass
who said ‘stop playing around and get off your ass.’

goofy like Simpsons, not Homer but Bart,
loves kitties, loves music, loves Tanya, loves art…
ultimate warrior, tall and slender,
wise as an elder, strong and tender…….

there are men in the world you can trust;
it’s a blessing to luck out, and find one
especially if he’s a regular guy--
a loving, courageous and kind one.

so Willie this poem is inspired by you,
half a century now you have made.
Its not a surprise there are stars in your eyes.
may your passion never fade

(See if you can guess which of us wrote which stanza(s))

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