Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Judy Hoffman

Willie Baronet reaches the big 5-0

Willie, I’ve known you almost 15 years now. Who knew we’d be this old? Congratulations on reaching this milestone. May you have at least fifty more -- all in good health and enjoying life.

Willie, there’s so much about you I treasure. Sure, there’s the creativity, wit, intelligence and business savvy. But more importantly I treasure your kindness and generosity. In all the years I’ve known you, you have made a difference in people’s lives and you’ve made the world a better place to be. You genuinely care about people, and your life reflects that spirit.

What sets you apart from almost anyone I know is your ability to give of yourself in everything you do. You’ve demonstrated that as a friend, business owner, designer, student and teacher. You bring your best and share it. From doodles on butcher block paper during lunch brainstorming sessions to teaching me how to create a blog…you’ve been an awesome inspiration.

Here’s to your first fifty years and fifty more! And to many more years as friends.

Love and hugs,

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