Saturday, October 10, 2009

From Harold Suire

A wise man once said, "a friend is someone who knows a lot of things about you and likes you anyway!" If this is true than a really good friend is someone who when you mention their name accelerates the heartbeat, breathes new life in your lungs, forces a smile to emulate on your face, evokes wonderful memories of youth, and reminds you that anytime spent away from such a person is too long. You my friend are such a person.

Who would think that century would be a part of a way to define our age, even if it is only half a century? I never imagined that we would just be starting life at 50, seeking out new adventures and career paths or that life could be this exciting but I have figured out that life is just beginning and we must aggressively pursue it.

My dear friend I won't list all the wonderful memories we've shared but instead will end with how much I look forward to sharing and being a part of the rest of our full lives! I LOVE YOU and look forward to seeing you soon! (Art Showing- go on Willie!)

Happy 50 and beyond!

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