Sunday, October 11, 2009

From Martha Quinn

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How and where do I start? From the first time I met you, I knew you were very special. Fortunately, my daughter thinks and thought the same way. I could not, as a Mother, have looked the world over and found a more perfect match for Tanya. It makes me so happy that you two are so awesome and happy together.

I am looking so forward to the time you come to the Academy as a consultant to my students and as a guest speaker to the teachers who have heard of you and cannot wait to have you visit. You have such a kind and gentle heart, that it is fun, rewarding and inspiring to be near you. You not only influence your peers but also your employees when you owned GroupBaronet, your nieces, your friends and your Little Brothers. I am so proud of you for the help, encouragement and love you have provided both of them but especially Kyle after the loss of his Mother.

You were so sweet to my Mother while she was alive and I will never forget the beautiful flowers you sent her the week before we lost her. Every time she would open her eyes she would comment about how beautiful the flowers were. Willie, it is very special to me that you want to spend time with me on Mother’s Day. It still breaks my heart that your Mother is gone but you are a wonderful role model for your siblings and you have made your Dad happy in the recent years. I am happy that he is happy.

NOW, back to my daughter, the love of my life. YOU make her so happy and therefore, you make me happy. I would do anything for the two of you and I hope you remain a part of my life forever.

Martha, Savannah, and Velvet

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  1. having your wife's mother on your site is an accomplishment!