Sunday, October 11, 2009

From Sylvia Wofford

Happy 50th birthday Willie!
I hope you enjoy being in your 50's as much as I have.
Even though the troubles of life are still around, they somehow seem easier to accept, while at the same time all the little gifts and pleasures of life seem so much more valuable.
When I think of you many images come to mind, one is as a teacher who really wants the best for every one he meets and who acts to help those he can.
One image is of the artist group members laying on large pieces of butcher paper, drawing each others outlines, contributing our view of each other to these images with thoughts and designs and art. These images were a joy to me and I think all who were there.
One image is of the homeless, because of your fascination with their public display of need, their signs, and because of my own connection.
One image is from your story of working on oil rigs and the seeing the sharks come to feed on all the creatures attracted by the night lights, I think of this because I swim with those same sharks and have learned to love them.
One image is of the artist who has found the way and means to practice his art.
May fortune continue to smile on your life and the life of those around you.

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