Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From Michael Walti

Dear Willie,
Happy Birthday!

And now for the technical portion of your B-day blog :-).

I've left you a message to decipher. It is a simple algorithm and I'll give you a few clues. One of the earliest conquorers of the world used it. You are 37 years it's senior.

Sebz nyy gur oybtf cbfgf jvgu fgbevrf, cubgbf naq rira zbivrf vg vf boivbhf va lbhe fubeg 50 lrnef ba guvf rnegu lbh unir gbhpurq gur yvirf bs fb znal va n cbfvgvir jnl. Vg'f orra na ubabe gb xabj lbh naq orpbzr lbhe sevraq. Znl guvf or gur orfg oveguqnl rire.

Purref naq nyy gur orfg,
Zvpunry Jnygv

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